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 BREAKING: New article from Dr Sharief

 BREAKING: New article from Dr Sharief

Important News For Women 45 And Over

New Menopause Strategies Doctors Miss

By Dr Sharief Ibrahim MBBS, MRCP, FRCP
Published: 13 April 2023

In my 43 years as a doctor (30 in the NHS), life expectancy has increased 12-15 years, our ability to treat breast cancer has improved dramatically, and many more exciting advances are on their way. 

However, menopause, a crucial area of women's health, receives little attention. 

While every woman will experience menopause, most doctors receive little to no menopause training. And, the remedies they're prescribing may not be the best solution. Let me explain.

During childbearing years, women have natural protection against health issues. If you examined a man and a woman of 45, with very similar lifestyles, you would see the woman has:
  • Less plaque in their arteries
  • Less of the stress hormone cortisol in their blood
  • Lower levels of the inflammation marker, C-reactive protein
  • ​More grey matter in the brain
However, around the age of 45, this natural protection system starts to deteriorate. The primary driver of this deterioration is a drop in estrogen production. Once a woman reaches menopause, estrogen production drops so low that their protection system is all but gone.

The common understanding is that hot flashes, weight gain, and brain fog are something to be endured. This is not true. 

These symptoms are a sign your natural protection is decreasing and your body is changing in a fundamental way.
The effects of menopause cause women's risk of heart disease to become equal to that of men. This can affect women as early as 1-2 years of reaching menopause.
For example, prior to menopause, women have a very low risk of developing heart disease or vascular problems. After menopause, their risk becomes equal to that of men. 

This is why I see many women, around one or two years after reaching menopause, come into the hospital having suffered a heart attack. 

I believe this is what happened recently to Elvis Presley's daughter. At just 54, she suffered cardiac arrest and died from a heart attack. We know the average age of menopause is 52. 

At 54, Lisa Marie had just passed through menopausal life changes. She developed a serious cardiac condition and passed away.
Lisa-Marie Presley by Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images
The truth is, menopause isn't something to be endured. It is a critical point in a woman's life. Once it begins, your health requires special attention and care.
Key Changes In The Female Body
The loss of the natural protection system causes three crucial changes in the female body:
  • Redistribution of body fat: Not only do you begin storing more fat than normal, but you also begin storing it around your abdomen. This is an issue because you can look the same but be quickly increasing the fat deep inside your belly. This hidden fat can lead to central obesity and increase your blood pressure.
  • Increased insulin resistance: Insulin affects how efficiently your body controls blood sugar levels. If you have insulin resistance, your body may not respond as well to insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Increased inflammation: Estrogen calms inflammation in the body. As estrogen levels drop, you can develop chronic, low-level inflammation, which goes through all of the blood vessels and the arteries in the body. This makes you prone to developing cholesterol plaques under the arterial lining.
Postmenopausal women had 49% greater visceral and 22% greater subcutaneous fat area compared to premenopausal women.
The Breakthrough Strategies for a Healthier Transition
I understand how difficult menopause can be, with its emotional upheavals and physical challenges. I want you to know there is hope.

New research has identified five strategies that can help you take control of your menopause experience and alleviate the symptoms.

These are the strategies I use with my patients. By implementing them, you can restore balance to your body, find relief, and embrace a healthier, more fulfilling menopausal journey. Here they are:
1. Weight Management and Physical Activity
During menopause, metabolism slows down, leading to fatigue and weight gain. Studies show that the right balance of exercise and weight control can make a world of difference. This has a triple effect: 

First, you will increase brown fat, a beneficial type of body fat, that generates heat by burning calories. This can increase calories burned each day by 13% or more.

Next, you will trigger the release of myokines in your blood. Myokines are incredible. These will reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, and promote overall metabolic health.

Finally,  you will activate lipolysis. This causes your body to use stored body fat as energy, helping you drop fat gained from menopause fast.
2. Dietary Interventions:
Menopause can cause imbalances in your body, leaving you feeling out of control and unhealthy. However, research shows that certain dietary interventions can alleviate menopausal symptoms and improve overall well-being. 

While some common foods increase the detrimental impact of menopause, others will reverse the impact. For example, consuming foods rich in phytoestrogens (such as soy and flaxseeds) can help mimic the effects of estrogen and reduce menopausal symptoms. 

Consuming more omega-3 fatty acids (found in fatty fish, nuts, and seeds) can reduce inflammation and help maintain a healthy balance of hormones, promoting better mood and cognitive function during menopause.
3. Optimizing Hydration
Menopause often causes feelings of fatigue and dehydration, making it difficult to stay energized and focused. Maintaining optimal water hydration in the body during menopause has three crucial benefits:

It helps the body maintain an optimal blood volume, which improves hormonal balance. 

It promotes the regular production and flushing of urine, which helps prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria in the urinary tract. 

It allows blood vessels to dilate effectively, reducing the strain on the cardiovascular system and lowering blood pressure.
4. Stress Management:
The stress and emotional turmoil that often accompany menopause can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. However, research has shown simple stress management techniques can significantly improve the quality of life during menopause. 

One key technique to reduce stress is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This triggers your body's 'rest and digest response', the opposite to the better known 'fight or flight response'. 

By incorporating rest and digest triggering practices like massage, deep breathing, and warm baths into your daily routine, you can face the challenges of menopause with a calmer mind, reduced inflammation, and a renewed sense of balance and vitality.
5. Sleep Optimization:
Menopause can disrupt your sleep, leaving you exhausted and irritable. However, research shows that optimizing your sleep can reduce night sweats, improve mood, and increase energy levels.

Activities such as natural light exposure first thing, timing when you eat, and focusing on creating a relaxing sleep environment strengthen your circadian rhythm and promote restorative sleep. 

During restorative sleep, the glymphatic system, a waste clearance system in the brain, is more active. This maintains optimal brain health and cognitive function, and improves inflammation.
Menopause Case Study
If you are going through perimenopause or menopause, Elisabeth's story may provide insights that improve your experience significantly.

She is a former patient of mine. When we met, she experienced menopausal symptoms for 5 years. But hadn't been diagnosed. 

Due to incorrect treatment, she was taking a host of medicines that she simply didn't need. She has since become an ambassador for women and shares her story as a beacon of what can go wrong and how to fix it.
Elisabeth's Story
My menopause journey started when I was 47 and developed into a Stephen King-esque nightmare. 

My first symptom was occasional heartburn. At the time, I was unaware this could be a symptom of menopause, so I took an over the counter heartburn treatment and thought it would pass.

However, because it was menopause related, it slowly got worse. Even drinking water would trigger intense heartburn. So I booked an emergency appointment with my doctor.

My doctor prescribed me medication and said my heartburn should improve. It did, but a couple of weeks later I awoke to find my face covered in red, inflamed cysts.

I tried dozens of different creams, but none of them worked. I wanted to change heartburn meds but my doctor prescribed me a course of antibiotics. These kept the cysts away for 1-2 months, then they'd return with a vengeance, and I'd have to do another antibiotic cycle. 
New Symptoms
Over the next eighteen months, new symptoms started to emerge.

First, I noticed that regardless of my diet or exercise, I couldn't stop gaining weight. It didn't matter what I did, I felt myself getting bigger by the day. In total I gained 26lbs. 

Then, I started having hot flashes. These were terrible. Multiple times per day I felt like I was having an anxiety attack. I would have to stop what I was doing and pray it would pass.

Next, my joints started aching. Every single morning I would wake up and struggle to get out of bed. I ached so much I could barely make it through the night

My entire body felt exhausted. I couldn't function properly and I had absolutely no idea how to fix it. I was truly worried.

One morning, at breakfast, I said to my husband, "Something is wrong. I can't continue like this."
More Tests No Answers
We went back to my doctor and told him everything I was experiencing. He took some of my blood and sent it for analysis. 

After an anxious few days, the result showed signs of a thyroid problem so my doctor sent me to an endocrinologist.

When I saw the endocrinologist I felt a small amount of hope. My symptoms seemed to fit and she said the medication prescribed should get me back to normal. 

Just weeks on the medication, I began having heart palpitations due to the prescription being to strong for me. I called my doctor and he set up an appointment to see a heart specialist.

I was terrified. I had all these problems and no one seemed to know what was wrong with me. I explained my symptoms to the heart specialist hoping he would have an idea what was wrong. 

He run several tests and simply said everything was fine. There was nothing I could do. All the specialist believed it was age related.
Desperation Set In
I knew there was something causing this. Something was happening to me. It was more than just getting older. 

In desperation, I scoured the internet searching for conditions that matched my symptoms. The information I found was scattered at best. Nothing seemed to match.

I felt like I'd gathered little puzzle pieces. Apparently, diet may be involved, some supplements might help, a few sites talked about exercising. 

Confused and annoyed I stopped and thought, ‘What am I doing? I have this information but I don't know what to do with it. I don't even know if it's accurate.' I felt lonely and lost. Nothing I tried worked.

Then, out of nowhere, a glimmer of hope emerged.
The Information I Had Been Looking For
My husband was on a call with a new client. When talking about afternoon plans, the client said he and his wife were about to visit a doctor who had helped his wife recently. 

My husband said, I hope everything is ok. To which the client replied, it is now. The client explained that his wife had been unwell for several months and listed the exact same symptoms I was having. He finished by saying this doctor had given them a plan that improved her health immeasurably.

My husband got the doctors details and I immediately booked a call with him. I was hopeful but realistic. I couldn't handle another dead end. 

On the call I explained everything as I had many times before. The symptoms, the test results, the medications...

And I couldn't believe it, the doctor explained everything. 

I felt like crying! It was the first time in that I understood what was happening to me. I had this picture and thought, 'wow this is what's happening to me!'
Finally Someone Who Understood
He explained everything. Every symptom, every medication, every side effect. All the puzzle pieces, in my head, fell into place. 

He explained exactly what was happening and exactly what I needed to do to fix my problems. Dr Sharief's plan required no medication, no drugs, simply making smart choices that rebalanced my hormones and rebuilt my body's natural defence system.

I was diligent and followed his plan! About a week into following his plan, things started to improve. I felt stronger mentally and physically.

Three months later, I'd lost 23 lbs and my symptoms were all gone. I woke up refreshed and my joints didn't hurt anymore.
Follow This Plan Online
During my time working with Elisabeth, she repeatedly urged me to document my menopause plan and put it somewhere every woman could experience it. 

And, due to the efforts of Elisabeth and her husband, Chris, the plan is now available in a program called 'Thriving During Menopause'.

If you would like to follow my plan and start reducing your menopause symptoms, I have included some details below:
Thriving During Menopause
The plan I went through with Elisabeth, and with most of my menopause patients, implements the key strategies I mentioned earlier, and more.

I have put together 3 things to share this plan with you and make it incredibly easy to follow:
1. Seven "Private Sessions"
I have recorded seven videos which are filmed as if they are private sessions between you and I. In the videos, I explain everything to you as if you were one of my one-on-one patients. 
The sessions share solutions that have been proven to work in well funded research studies and by thousands of my patients.
In this videos I will explain exactly what to do to: 
  • Reduce the most common symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood fluctuations, and vaginal dryness 
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • ​Reduce heartburn
  • ​Restore normal functioning of the gut
  • Improve sleep quality
  • ​Regain mental clarity
  • ​Feel physically stronger and energetic
  • ​Restore your natural defences against disease
2. A Private Members Only "Thrivers Club"
Facing menopause can be an isolating and challenging experience, filled with uncertainty and unanswered questions. The Thrivers Club is here to change that. 

It is a safe space where you can find the support, guidance, and resources you need to banish uncertainty and embrace your journey with confidence. 

Gain access to professional guidance from myself and my team, empowering you with reliable, evidence-based advice. 

Connect with like-minded women going through the same struggles, and together, form a close-knit community that nurtures emotional well-being and celebrates shared triumphs. 

With personalized feedback and exclusive content tailored to your unique circumstances, the Thrivers Club helps you seamlessly integrate the program into your life, ensuring lasting, positive change.
3. The Essential Menopause Toolkit
Some health programs feel like an overwhelming and confusing journey, leaving you searching for clarity and direction.

The Essential Menopause Toolkit solves that by providing you with the structure and resources you need to confidently follow the plan.

The Toolkit contains handy guides and trackers for each session to help you stay on track, save time, and implement the plan with ease.

With this collection of step-by-step action plans and trackers you will enjoy the program at your own pace while ensuring great results.
The considerate and well-planned nature of this program has helped thousands of women alleviate menopausal symptoms reclaim their vitality naturally and holistically.
Reviews left by patients
Most people are completely unaware that these results are possible at all. Nonetheless, many reviews written by former patients reveal compelling evidence in support of these facts:

"My symptoms settled almost completely"
My symptoms settled almost completely. I've lost weight, my blood pressure is reasonably controlled, and I feel happier and fulfilled. Dr Sharief is a highly motivating physician.
- Helen Collins
"My diabetic consultant nearly fell off his chair in shock"
I have been a type 1 diabetic for 42 years, so getting my blood sugar under control was difficult. But within six months, I had dropped my HbA1c from 77 down to 52. My diabetic consultant nearly fell off his chair in shock because for somebody who's been dealing with diabetes for that long to then bring it back within normal ranges is virtually unheard of. So that was, for me, the main benefit. But to have energy again, to not feel tired before you even get out of bed is amazing. It does take time, and it does take effort, but it's worth the effort, and it's worth the time, and it's worth having your life back.
- Janice Evans
"Within 6 weeks, believe it or not, I lost 15 kilos."
I was worried that I had put on a lot of weight and came across Dr Sharief and his program. Within six weeks, believe it or not, I lost 15 kilos. From weighing 90kgs, I weighed 75. Plus, my energy levels shot up, and my skin started glowing. I had a skin tag on my face, and that just disappeared automatically. So if you are really interested in your health, I'd recommend Dr Sharief.
- Monica
Price Of The Program
The normal price of this Thriving During Menopause program is $199. This is simply to cover the cost of hosting the program and running the private members-only group. 

However, the program has been officially released to the public on Wednesday, 21st June. 

So, we're offering a big discount to the first 50 people

You can join for a small one-time investment of only $69 (that's $130 OFF!) and if you're reading this, it means there are a few spaces left.
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
There is no risk to joining the program. When you join, you get a full 60 days to try the program.

Also, so you don't forget, I will check in with you by email on day 58. If you are not convinced that this is the most effective menopause program that shows you how to enjoy a healthy life post-menopause, let me know, and we will gladly refund your investment.
    Dr Sharief Ibrahim MBBS, MRCP, FRCP


    Join today and get instant access to the program and members club.

    Day 58

    I will email you on day 58 to see how you are progressing and remind you the guarantee is ending.

    Day 60

    If requested, your refund will be processed.


    Join today and get instant access to the program and members club.

      Day 58

    I will email you on day 58 to see how you are progressing and remind you the guarantee is ending.

      Day 60

    If requested, your refund will be processed.

    Are you gaining weight, run-down, sleeping poorly?
    Do you wake up tired? Do you suffer from brain fog? Does your mood fluctuate? Do you have hot flashes? If your answer to one or more of these is "Yes." then you owe it to yourself and your family to try this program.

    Try the Thriving During Menopause program today and start getting your health back to where it should be. 

    To recap:
    • The Thriving During Menopause program comprises seven videos in which I explain everything to you as if you were one of my one-on-one patients.
    • ​It works to improve your long-term health and reduce all major symptoms of menopause (the hot flashes, vaginal discomfort, and mood fluctuations) almost immediately
    • ​You will receive access to the members-only "Thriver's Club". A safe space where you can find the support, guidance, and resources you need to banish uncertainty and embrace your journey with confidence. 
    • ​You will also receive the Essential Menopause Toolkit that provides you with the structure and resources you need to confidently follow the program.
    • ​There should be no risk to joining the program. So, when you join today, you also get a full 60 days to try the program risk free. I will email you on day 58 to see how you are doing.
    • ​The first 50 people to join pay only $69 (that's $130 off the regular price)
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